The introduction of Covid-19 has ushered in new ways of learning which greatly appreciate technology. As an agency mandated to harmonize and coordinate Open and Distance education, there are a number of initiatives that we seek to partner with the public and private sectors to implement:

1. CENDLOS TechTalk
A hybrid series to be organized on a monthly basis. Relevant topical and non-topical issues within the Virtual Education and Technology space will be discussed. A resource person will speak on the topic after which there will be contributions, questions, and answers from virtual participants.

2. CENDLOS EduTech Fair
An annual virtual ICT conference and exhibition organized and facilitated by CENDLOS. This initiative seeks to bring together key local and international players including tech giants, thought leaders, educational institutions, global institutions and their relevant agencies, and other relevant stakeholders in Online/Distance Education and ICT. Participants will share knowledge, ideas, expertise, trends, best practices, product development, challenges, solutions, etc. While serving as a platform for stakeholders to interact and collaborate, it will also help create brand awareness and traction to help position CENDLOS as the nexus of virtual learning in Ghana.

3. CENDLOS TechnoPack
A package to supply first-year students with laptops, relevant software, MiFi and data. To be done in conjunction with a telecom company, an insurance company and a tech manufacturer.

4. CENDLOS E-publishing, Programming and Animation studio
This initiative seeks to establish an end-to-end ultramodern E-Publishing, Programming and Animation studio to undertake the publication of E-books and other allied E-Publishing, animation and computer programming services. The initiative will also include the establishment of a digital device assembling hub in collaboration with a global digital giant where digital devices such as customized tablets and laptops will be assembled for the E-publications. Services can be offered to third-parties educational and non-educational institutions.
5. CENDLOS ICT/Online Examination Centre
Online exams Centre: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, Aptitude tests etc. HavardX, Coursera, FutureLearn.

6. CENDLOS Innohub /Tech Talent Pool
An online platform for ICT-driven and development-oriented innovativeness and creativity, where students can showcase their ICT driven innovations.
Innovations that have potential for business viability will be promoted to potential sponsors for further development, scaling-up and commercialization.
A Virtual Students Recruitment Scheme – CENDLOS builds a Tech talent pool where organizations and individuals can conduct virtual interviews and select student- candidates for internships, temporary jobs, volunteering etc.

7. CENDLOS Tech Training & Support Unit
To offer ICT training and support to public and private educational institutions and individuals. The initiative will also facilitate the running of ICT Training programmes in collaboration with KACE, Microsoft, etc.

8. CENDLOS EduTour
This is a virtual educational tourism Initiative to be run in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders such as Tourism Ministry, GTA, GES, etc. The initiative will enable students across the country and even outside Ghana to go on virtual tours to important destinations in Ghana e.g. educational institutions, tourist sites, heritage sites, industries, etc. The goal is to use EduTour to enrich the learning experiences of students while giving them the needed practical exposure. There will be both live streaming and offline tours.

9. CENDLOS Virtual Homeschooling Support Services
Homeschooling is increasingly gaining momentum in Ghana. Many parents and guardians who are homeschooling their wards are faced with the challenge of getting the requisite human and material resources to deliver lessons to their wards.
This initiative is intended to leverage ICT to offer support to homeschooling citizens by availing human and material resources to homeschooling parents and guardians for the education of their wards.
Parents and guardians can subscribe for teachers across all/any subjects to virtually deliver lessons to their wards at home for a monthly fee.

10. CENDLOS EduShop – A virtual Academic Advisory Hub
This initiative seeks to provide a virtual ‘one-stop shop’ where students, parents and the general public can obtain relevant information appertaining to online education and education in general. Among others, it will offer live chats and real-time E-learning solutions. Students can subscribe and get guidance with their assignments, projects, topics etc.

11. CENDLOS Virtual Mentorship Programme & Leadership Engagement Series
A virtual mentorship initiative where statesmen, distinguished personalities and other accomplished individuals will mentor youths online. This initiative seeks to effectively bridge the mentor-protégé divide as well as offer opportunities for more youths to be mentored.
The Leadership Engagement Series will involve monthly virtual interactive sessions between statesmen, distinguished personalities and other accomplished individuals and students (the youth).

12. CENDLOS Digital Sensitization Project
A nationwide virtual campaign to educate the masses, especially Ghanaian youth, on their civic rights and responsibilities and to help stem the heightening tide of moral degeneration in Ghanaian society. The initiative further seeks to educate especially Ghanaian youth on the dangers of the global cybercrime industry as well as digital/online ethics.

13. CENDLOS Virtual Skilled Trades Training
This initiative seeks to foster collaborations with relevant stakeholders such as TVET, CTVET, Kantanka, industries/businesses etc. to run virtual/blended skilled trades training programmes. The programme will include a virtual posttraining practical assessment of students prior to the award of a certificate.

14. CENDLOS E-learning Newsletter
This will be a quarterly electronic publication focused on promoting and disseminating relevant information about CENDLOS, the Ministry of Education, online and blended learning, and ICT in general. It will serve as an important communication bridge and publicity tool to build brand equity while connecting CENDLOS and its stakeholders.

15. CENDLOS Virtual Market Schools /Prisons/Zongos
A virtual education initiative to be delivered at major market centers in conjunction with relevant stakeholders. The programme will offer literacy, numeracy, and other skills training to market women, men etc.


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