Nana Gyamfi Adwabour

Empowering Out-of-School Children with Practical ICT Training!

Not enough emphasis is usually given to out-of-school children when it comes to ICT skills training and planning. However, under the purview of the World Book Capital, CENDLOS, in collaboration with Ghana Commission for Unesco, Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Complementary Education Agency, and Ghana Book Development Council, hosted over 40 out-of-school children at CENDLOS.

The training encompassed both theory and practicals, introducing kids to basic computer skills and knowledge. Facilitated by the CENDLOS Tech Team, these students engaged in fun and interactive exercises, igniting their interest in ICT with the long-term goal of enhancing their creative abilities and communication skills.

In the 4th industrial and education revolution, no child should be left behind. CENDLOS is devoted to empowering and equipping students at all levels and from all backgrounds with essential computational skills, both in the classroom and beyond.

CENDLOS therefore calls on other stakeholders to support this important project.


Nana Gyamfi Adwabour
ICT Skills training
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