CENDLOS Studio MCR 560 by 379

CENDLOS about to launch State of the Art Content Creation Studio

The Executive Director, Nana Gyamfi Adwabour in his vision for making ICT in education effective, efficient, accessible and affordable indicated that CENDLOS  in collaboration with Plan Ghana, FCDO, and Dubai Cares, is constructing five (5) content production studios to deliver real-time and recorded educational content to students. A model studio has been completed and the remaining five (5) are near completion. The studios are expected to go live and start churning out quality educational content this year. Each studio has it’s own Master Control Room (MCR) and one studio has been designated as the Master Control Room (MCR) for all the 5 studios. The studios will help create quality STEM contents and also support the STEM agenda for the nation. 


Master Control Room (MCR).

CENDLOS Control Room 1
CENDLOS Control Room 2
CENDLOS Control Room 4


CENDLOS studio 5
CENDLOS Studio 4
CENDLOS Studio 6
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